Times Higher Education Awards 2013: Greenwich wins Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Development

SML-THEawards-GreenwichThe University of Greenwich won the Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Development award at the awards ceremony of Times Higher Education (THE) Awards 2013 held in London on 28 November 2013.

The University of Huddersfield scooped the coveted University of the Year award at this ninth THE Awards, held in association with The Santander Universities Global Division and supported by the Higher Education Academy (The HEA).

The University of Greenwich won its award for its three year initiative which helped it to top the People and Planet Green League 2012, following a monumental ascent of 102 places. This achievement was a result of a ‘permaculture’ change framework, an approach focused on strengthening relationships for minimisation of energy consumption, environmental damage and waste and for maximisation of synergy, productivity and well-being. Developed under then head of sustainability Kat Thorne, this initiative led to a host of achievements, including a 22 per cent reduction in the university’s carbon footprint compared with 2005. According to judge Patrick Finch, bursar and director of estates at the University of Bristol, this methodology was ‘particularly noted as having clear potential for use by other institutions with similar ambitions to make a step change in their sustainability performance.’

A leading practitioner of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), Simon Kemp from the University of Southampton, was adjudged the Most Innovative Teacher of the Year, mainly for its imaginative approach to teaching, particularly by putting students in high-pressure, real-life business situations in partnership with local businesses and organisations. ‘His imaginative approach to teaching sustainability and environmental management systems challenges and supports students to learn actively and to develop crucial employability and professional skills,’ said lead judge Philippa Levy, deputy chief executive of the Higher Education Academy.

The other awards with a link to sustainable development include:

  • Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community: University of Manchester for The Works project, which helps local jobseekers to improve their skills and employment opportunities
  • Widening Participation or Outreach Initiative of the Year: London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London for its project in which students worked with female prisoners to help them gain new skills and opportunities
  • International Collaboration of the Year: University College London (UCL) for its project on testing a new treatment for tuberculosis (TB) in Africa (a project that is part of a broader TB testing network focused on training African scientists, linking 12 African institutions with 11 universities in Europe)

Photograph of the University of Greenwich winners is from THE Awards website



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THE (Times Higher Education) website http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/

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Meridian: The greener recycling bin from Greenwich

SML-GreenwichBinThe University of Greenwich in partnership with Leafield Environmental has designed a recycling bin that promotes and facilities recycling in a better way than a conventional one.

The Meridian Envirobin bin (named after the university) is split into 70:30 in favour of recycling, is suitable for corridors and tight spaces and has a changeable sign kit attached to it. Manufactured in the UK using chipped plastic from old bins, the Meridian bin has options for accommodating other waste streams such as liquids and is easy to use, empty and clean too.

Photograph by Asitha Jayawardena


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Greenwich tops UK People & Planet Green League 2012

The University of Greenwich topped The People & Planet Green League 2012. The rest of the top five places went to Plymouth, Brighton, Gloucestershire and Nottingham Trent (last year’s winner).

Among the biggest forward leaps are those of the University of Surrey (67 places, from joint 114th in 2011 to 47th in 2012), Cardiff University (55 places, from joint 130th to 75th), the University of the West of England (UWE) (26 places, from joint 37th to joint 11th) and the University of Brighton (18 places, from 21st to 3rd).

The top 25 green universities are as follows:

1 University of Greenwich

2 University of Plymouth

3 University of Brighton

4 University of Gloucestershire

5 Nottingham Trent University

6 University of Central Lancashire

7 Bournemouth University

8 Bath Spa University

8 University of Bradford

10        Manchester Metropolitan University

11        Aston University

11        University of East Anglia

11        University of The West of England, Bristol

11        University of Worcester

15        Oxford Brookes University

16        De Montfort University

16        University of Portsmouth

16        University of East London

19        Bangor University

19        Sheffield Hallam University

21        University of Huddersfield

21        Liverpool John Moores University

21        Cardiff Metropolitan University

24        University of Exeter

25        University of Derby

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Team Greenhouse launch at Greenwich

The School of Education of the University of Greenwich has launched ‘Team Greenhouse’, a group for integrating sustainability into the School’s practices. It also plans to integrate sustainability into teaching and research.


Nottingham Trent tops People and Planet Green League 2011

Nottingham Trent University topped the 2011 People and Planet Green League. It assessed the environmental and ethical performance of 142 universities in the UK. 

Gloucestershire, Worcester and Plymouth secured the next three places with Bournemouth and Greenwich tied at the fifth place. Last year, Bournemouth and Greenwich were 20th and 61st, respectively.

The top 20 universities are:

1 Nottingham Trent University

2 University of Gloucestershire

3 University of Worcester

4 University of Plymouth

5=Bournemouth University

5=University of Greenwich

7 Bath Spa University

8=University of East Anglia

8=University of Hertfordshire

8=Leeds Metropolitan University

8=University of Central Lancashire

12 Aston University

13 Edinburgh Napier University

14=University of Bradford

14=De Montfort University

14=University of Huddersfield

17 Manchester Metropolitan University

18 Kingston University

19 University of Ulster

20 University of Wales Institute, Cardiff