UEL Research & Knowledge Exchange Conference 2017 | Building Interdisciplinarity & Collaboration


The University of East London (UEL) Research and Knowledge Exchange Conference 2017, titled ‘Co-creating the Research Environment: Building Interdisciplinarity & Collaboration’, will take place in London (University Square Stratford Campus, 1 Salway Place, London E15 1NF) on 6 July 2017, 10am to 4.30pm.


This year’s conference will focus on building the university’s research environment to encompass the challenges and opportunities for interdisciplinary research and the identification and building of cross/inter/multi-disciplinary research ideas.


Dr Lisa Mooney (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Knowledge Exchange, UEL) will deliver the keynote and the other key elements of the programme includes two sets of parallel sessions, a session on interdisciplinary case studies, Q&A sessions, a poster session and networking opportunities.


Parallel sessions 1:

  • Global Challenges | Chair: Prof Tine van Bortel
  • Data, Manipulation and Hacking | Chair: Prof Andrew Ravenscroft
  • Human/ Machine Interaction | Chair: Prof John Preston
  • Culture and Practice | Chair: Prof Stephen Maddison
  • Work | Chair: Prof Erika Calvo


Parallel sessions 2:

  • Risk | Chair: Prof Duncan Turner
  • Languages, Signals and Understanding | Chair: Prof Mansour Moniri
  • Perspectives on Wellbeing | Chair: Prof Cynthia Fu
  • Place Making | Chair: Prof Stuart Connop


The event intends to provide more opportunities to convene with others and discuss current or emerging areas of mutual interest and synergy rather than focusing on the presentation of traditional papers.


The event is FREE to attend but prior registration is required (see link below).





Eventbrite page for registration https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/uel-research-conference-2017-tickets-35559805335


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The Sustainable City: Challenges and Opportunities in East London

A seminar, The Sustainable City: Challenges and Opportunities in East London, will be held at London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), Stratford on 20 March 2013.

Chaired by Professor Allan Brimicombe (Head of the Centre for Geo-Information Studies CGIS at the University of East London UEL), the event will see two guest speakers: Bruce McVean (an Integrated Design Manager and a consultant for Beyond Green) and Samantha Heath (Chief Executive of the London Sustainability Exchange).

This is the third in a UEL Seminar Series, Beyond 2012: the Olympics and the Regeneration of East London, which explores the transformation of East London beyond 2012 with the aim of creating a knowledge platform to inform long term social, economic and cultural development of the area.



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