The Sustainable University Support (SUS) Model



The aim of The Sustainable University Support (SUS) Model, developed with UK universities in mind, is to position its host university at the forefront of the global endeavour for sustainability in higher education.

Its objectives are to help its host university’s Sustainability/ESD programme:
Academic engagement: To engage the institution’s academics with sustainability
Sustainability advancement: To advance the sustainability agenda within and beyond the institution
Priorities enrichment: To visibly contribute to the host institution’s other higher education priorities, particularly quality of courses, stakeholder engagement and institutional reputation

Its outputs are of three types: web-based, PDFs and other, which ranges from an ESD Helpdesk for academics through press articles to exhibitions. It will deliver benefits of four types: Educational and development, Research, Estates and operations, and Institutional.

I have developed this innovative model based on my five years of experience in The Sustainable University One-stop Shop experiment (, which has achieved recognition at all levels, including globally. UNEP Greening Universities Toolkit features it as one of 16 good practice examples in online resources and toolkits worldwide (, page 61).

Please find the proposal below (as a long post on LinkedIn):

A university aspiring to do better in SUSTAINABILITY? The SUS Model as a helping hand?

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