Courses related to sustainability or sustainable education at UK universities.


Aston University

Lifelong Learning and Education for Sustainability (EfS) Masters (by research)

Brunel University

Climate Change Impacts and Sustainability MSc

Cambridge, University of

Sustainability Leadership MSc

Environment, Society and Development MPhil

Cumbria, University of

Leadership and Sustainability MBA

De Montfort University

Climate Change and Sustainable Development MSc

Dundee, University of (with James Cook University Australia)

Global Environmental Sustainability Programme (undergraduate student mobility project)

Edinburgh, University of

Environment and Development MSc

Edinburgh Napier University

Environmental Sustainability MSc

Exeter, University of

Sustainable Development MSc

Glasgow, University of

Environment and Sustainable Development MSc

Environment, Culture and Communication MLitt

Heriot-Watt University

Creativity, Sustainability and Enterprise PhD

Kingston University

Sustainability, Environment and Change MSc

Lancaster University

Leadership for Sustainability MA

Leeds, University of

Sustainability (Environment and Development) MSc

London South Bank University

Education for Sustainability MSc

Education with special focus on sustainability, equality and diversity – Professional Doctorate (EdD)

Middlesex University

Sustainable Development MA

Oriental and African Studies, School of

Sustainable Development MSc

Plymouth, University of

Learning for Sustainability MSc

Royal Holloway, University of London

Practising Sustainable Development MSc

Sustainability and Management MSc

Sheffield Hallam University

Sustainable Communities and Environments MSc

St Andrews, University of

Sustainable Development MSc

St Mary’s University College, London

Managing for Sustainability MSc

Strathclyde, University of

Sustainability and Environmental Studies MSc 

University College London (UCL)

Environment and Sustainable Development MSc

Wales, University of (Newport)

Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship (ESDGC) MA

West of England, University of the (UWE)

Sustainable Development in Practice MSc


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