Rethinking the Engineer: Cambridge Engineering ESD Conference

SML-Cambridge-EESD-websiteRethinking the Engineer, the Cambridge Engineering ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) Conference, will be held at the University of Cambridge from 22 to 25 September 2013. This is the sixth conference in a series of international conferences which began at TU Delft in the Netherlands in 2002.

Conceiving engineering as a broad term that extends beyond the technical realm, the conference will explore how to develop the new skills that engineers need in order to deal with messy problems in an increasingly complex and constrained world. Bringing together students, academics, graduates and practitioners, it will drive rethinking of the professional engineer’s role and responsibilities in modern society.

Professor John Rallison (Pro Vice Chancellor for Education, University of Cambridge) will deliver the opening address. The Keynote Speakers are:

  • Lord Browne of Madingley
  • Professor Paul Jowitt (Heriot-Watt University/ Former President of the Institution of Civil Engineers ICE)
  • Professor Ellen Williams (BP Chief Scientist/ University of Maryland)
  • Professor John Robinson (Associate Provost Sustainability, University of British Columbia)
  • Professor Dato’ Seri IR. Dr Zaini Bin Ujang (Vice-Chancellor, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia UTM)

The conference will comprise parallel sessions on a number of topics, including:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Curriculum Development
  • Learning Outcomes and Competencies
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Alternative Pedagogies
  • Professional Development of Engineers and Other Groups
  • Sustainable Engineering Graduates in Industry
  • Social Justice in EESD
  • Student Involvement

A special ‘Leo Jansen session’ will celebrate the work of the late Leo Jansen, focusing on how to teach long term thinking, interrelation between culture/ structure/ technology and participatory democracy to engineering students.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Environmental Education and Training Unit will lead a session on topics relating to the Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability (GUPES).

A selection of accepted papers will be considered for publication in The Journal of Cleaner Production, The International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, and Engineering Sustainability (part of the proceedings of the ICE).

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  1. In early eighties I presented a conference paper on engineering education in Pakistan. In led to change in engineering curriculium country wide. Later I left academia and went into field. Now I have rejoined the academic institutes. I feel that we are at present producing run of the mill products. In my opinion an engineer today has to have much wider view to be an instrument of change in design, development and project delivery, I may be wrong so I need inputs from those who have devoted their lives to develop young people to become leaders of tomorrow. All comments contributions will be highly appreciated
    Regards Sangi

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